Monday, June 15, 2015

Critique Across Missouri

Hey, everyone,

Last week I had the opportunity to host four other picture book writers in my home to talk picture books. What fun!

We discussed characterization, pacing, story problems, illustration, the rule of three, emotional resonance, and lots more. We critiqued one another's work and even heard a couple of original songs by one of the attendees.

The event was called Critique Across Missouri, and it was organized by Kim Piddington, Missouri's RA for SCBWI. Several groups held similar sessions all over the state.

Thanks, Kim, for getting us started, and thanks to those of you who sat around my kitchen table last Wednesday morning!

Sue Gallion, Ann Ingalls, Shelly Long, Luanne Marten

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

"Fast Food" in Highlights for Children

Hey, everyone,

Good news! My nonfiction poem, "Fast Food," is on page 19 of the July Highlights for Children. It's about the harpy eagle. Talk about fast! If you're not a Highlights' subscriber, check out a copy at your local library.

Thanks, Highlights!